We all deserve a place to call home. 

Our Mission

Cincinnati Action for Housing Now advocates that all people have a safe, accessible, and affordable place to call home.

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Brick by Brick is our weekly campaign volunteer newsletter. Each edition includes four sections:


  • A Story of Struggle, introducing a City of Cincinnati resident who has direct experience with the ongoing affordable housing crisis

  • Show Up for Affordable Housing, outlining the volunteer projects for the week

  • Free School Education Events Calendar

  • Behind the Campaign, introducing a member of the Advisory Committee 

A Community-Driven Initiative

We all want a Cincinnati where everyone has access to the housing they need. No one in Cincinnati should be without a home and that's why we are proposing a

long-term solution that will help build and maintain housing for workers, seniors, and families who are currently competing for overpriced, market-rate apartments. We are focused on housing for people who earn less than $30,000 per year, with special attention on affordability for our community members who earn less than $15,000. With the necessary money allocated from the City budget into the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, we can create 500 affordable homes each year, until we all have a place to call home. 

Join the movement for Neighborhood stabilization  

  • Ninety-five percent of the Funds will be invested back into the community to fund affordable housing projects, with a small amount available for direct services. New housing projects include restoring some of the currently existing but outdated housing and building new affordable housing. For the first several years while we are lining up contracts with developers, we will have more money available for direct services like rent assistance to help families who are recovering from economic hardship.

  • Any project that receives money through this trust fund will stay affordable forever. Additionally, anyone hired to construct, operate, or renovate any units that are supported through this funding must be paid a living wage consistent with Cincinnati’s current living wage ordinance. No more pro-gentrification loopholes!

  • A Housing Trust Fund Board will enforce accountability and oversight of spending. This all-volunteer, 11-member board will include both professional housing advocates, and individuals who have experienced housing instability. It’s a community movement that will change our city’s landscape in a positive way!

  • The Cincinnati Action for Housing Now campaign is a step toward housing for all. Yes, it is a long and difficult road, but we all know that every journey begins with the first steps. The $50 million annual budget will build 500 new units of affordable homes each year, which means 500 families, workers, and seniors off the streets and away from the threat of homelessness.

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