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1000 Hours to Affordable Housing!

Our Affordable Housing Trust Fund policy change initiative needs 9000 signatures to be on the ballot in May 2021! This initiative will require the City of Cincinnati to spend $50 million dollars a year on housing that is affordable for people who earn less than $24,000. Be part of this historical moment through our "1000 Hours to Affordable Housing" campaign!

Register for any number of hours that fits your schedule and availability, and collect signatures from the people in your social network. Maybe they are your friends, family, or coworkers. Maybe you want to attend your neighborhood Farmers' Market. Maybe you want to petition on the sidewalk. How you collect signatures during your hours is up to you. We will give you a petition packet that includes the signatures forms, a clipboard, pens, buttons, postcards, speaking points, and a face mask. The rest is up to you!

To register


It's easy! Complete the form. Give us your name, phone number, and email address. Tell us how many hours you are committing toward signature collection

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