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HOUSING justice voter Empowerment Guide

We asked people and organizations to submit questions for Cincinnati City Council candidates about housing justice.  We received many thoughtful submissions.  Our People Power Committee thoroughly vetted these many questions and over a series of meetings, combined them and their themes to generate seven questions, three of which we asked candidates during live and recorded forums and four of which we asked candidates to answer in writing.  It is our hope that through the answers candidates have given to these questions, you will be empowered with the information you need, to decide whether or not each of these candidates will fight to fund and protect affordable housing; will they stand with the tens of thousands of us struggling to keep or get a roof over our heads.  We hope you will use your power to vote only for those whom you believe will passionately work for housing justice.  And please don’t keep any knowledge you gain or decisions you make to yourself.  Please be a part of empowering others to vote accordingly.

The Guide

Use the buttons below to read about affordable housing in Cincinnati and the responses from candidates during the forums held by Cincinnati Action for Housing Now. 

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