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Do you have a petition packet to return?

We need every signature! Not only will this increase our likelihood of getting on the May ballot, but our final number of signatures will send a powerful message to decision makers and our opposition about HOW MUCH Cincinnati need a revenue source for the Trust Fund. Please return all petition packets-- even if they only have a few signatures-- by Sunday, January 31.

Petition Return Instructions

1. Fill out the Circulator Statement on the back of the petition with your name, signature total, signature, and address. To calculate the signature total, DO fill out every line that has a name written on it, even if it was not completed or was crossed out in error. DO NOT count any lines where you pre-filled the Cincinnati/Hamilton County fields.

2. Return the packet either at the Homeless Coalition office, or to Carolyn Fast. Email Carolyn for arrangements to return to her.

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