Campaign Volunteer Opportunities

Voter and Neighborhood Outreach Team

Our campaign is entirely grassroots. This means we are mobilizing people from our own community to solve this local issue. Our power comes from the collective of people coordinating together, not from highly paid campaign staffers or from corporate sponsors. This team will be on the streets, in the neighborhoods, and on the phone, creating a dialogue with the community about WHY the City needs to prioritize affordable housing. This position can be done remotely through mass texting and phone calls, or in-person through flyering, lit drops, and door knocking.

Communications and Events Team

Housing is a human right, but many of our decision makers are not willing to invest in this basic need. This team will create the materials that tell the story of our campaign through digital media, print media, and public education events. Let's inspire the community to take action toward a future that includes affordable, stable, and accessible housing.

I want to be a part of this but I'm not sure in what way...!

No problem! We have someone who can talk you though the process and connect you to a single day opportunity to try out a few activities. This is a grassroots movement and there is a place for everyone who supports this necessary change to the City's charter!

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